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Phoenix roebelinii, trunk 15-20 / total 120-130 cm, 6 ltr. pot

Phoenix roebelinii, trunk 15-20 / total 120-130 cm, 6 ltr. pot

The Phoenix roebelenii has a fairly thin trunk and a beautiful compact crown with elegantly arching leaves. There are thorns at the beginning of the leaf stems. The trunk has a diameter of approximately 15 cm and can grow up to three meters high. This palm grows quite quickly and can grow up to 15 cm per year.

The Phoenix roebelenii or Dwarf date palm is an ideal palm to keep in a container on your patio, and can be brought into your home in winter. But you can also keep this indoor palm indoors. It likes to be in a bright place in the house.

If you decide to put the plant outside in the spring, keep it in the shade or partial shade for the first two to three weeks. Then the leaf will not discolour. The plant prefers to be in half shade and not in full afternoon sun.

Tolerates heat very well and is an easy palm that will do well on any terrace or balcony. In extreme heat, an extra dose of water is always welcome in the tub, as this will benefit growth. If you bring the plant back indoors in September, it can either be kept cool during the winter or in a living room. Do not place directly next to central heating. Give little water in winter, slightly moist and certainly not too wet (applies to every palm in winter).
Winter hardiness zone 10b (+1ºC).

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