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4 x Trachycarpus ukhrulensis, P9 pot

4 x Trachycarpus ukhrulensis, P9 pot

Trachycarpus ukhrulensis

It is an species from the area Manipur in India, also known as Trachycarpus sp. Naga hills and Trachycarpus sp. Manipur.
Very popular specie in Europe with hard stiff blue silver leaves.
The Trachycarpus ukhrulensis is frost hardy and makes 4-5 leaves a year.
Much slower than a Trachycarpus fortunei when they are young, but they are popular because of their very blueish and white underside leaves.

They grow slow when they are small, but it can grow more than 30 cm of trunk per year when they are bigger than one meters tall!
The Trachycarpus manipur is one or the best looking palms for your tropical garden.
Best is to protect by -7 by long periods cold freezing days.
This is so far the most ornamental Trachycarpus species in the family.

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Min. temperature: -5 / -10°C

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