Collection: Jubaea chilensis

Jubaea chilensis is a truly massive palm in maturity with the largest trunk in the Palm kingdom.
It can ultimately grow to a height of 25-30 metres and is probably the most cold tolerant of all pinnated leaf palms.
The tree's sugary sap can be used into an alcoholic drink, hence it's common name, The Chilean Wine Palm.
This species is native to central Chile. It is highly drought tolerant but will also do well in cold and humid conditions therefore it is well suited for most of the European climates.
In cultivation this is a not a palm for the impatient gardener as it is an extremely slow grower, even in its native habitat in Chile, for this reason are Jubaea so expensive.

Jubaea is also quite wind tolerant and also is not effected by salt air.
Some very large specimens growing in Cornwall (U.K) and on the Isles of Scilly (U.K) that were planted out over a 100 years ago.
It does not need hot summers to grow well, and in winter it can take severe frost down to -15°C but we advice some protection by those temperatures and for sure very small specimens should be protected for their first few winters when temperatures drop below -8°C.
Just like all our other plants we import Jubaea strait from Chile and deliver and export them to growers and privat persons worldwide.