Collection: Yucca glauca

Yucca glauca is an almost stemless species with very narrow leaves with a length of 20-90 cm, depending on their age.
The rosette may also vary from 0.5-1.3 m wide.
They are grey-green in colour and have marginal thin white stripes from which the filaments are born, most abundantly near the leaf base.
The inflorescence is 1-1.8 m tall with bell-shaped flowers which are 4-6 cm long.
Y.glauca is widely spread in several states from Texas in the south to Canada in the north.
Therefore this is perhaps the most adaptable yucca, it can tolerate extreme heat and cold, in some locations the temperature can be as low as -38°C, only a very wet winter will damage the plant and therefore in most of Europe -18°C is the maximum.