• Company info:
    Tropical Centre
    Nobisstraat 11
    5981 PE Panningen
    The Netherlands 

  • Contact: Sandra Evers
    T: +31-77-3747433
    E: info@tropicalcentre.com

    CoC: Venlo, 56843011
    VAT No.: NL852327705B01 

About Tropical Centre

Tropical Centre was established in 2000, first under the name Asian Gardens as landscapers of Balinese and Mexican style outdoor gardens.
As the customers wanted to build their gardens themselves, they just couldn’t find a supplier for the plants. That’s when Asian Gardens changed from a landscaping company into Tropical Centre, a plant supplier with own greenhouses and own import worldwide in 2004. 

Own stock:

Tropical Centre has a large stock and assortment of tropical and desert plants.
All plants you find in this webshop are in stock!
This stock can vary from yuccas, agaves, tree ferns, palm trees and other exotic and desert plants.
There is a photo tour through the greenhouse from last year on facebook, first featured post.

Own import:

Tropical Centre imported container loads with plants worldwide. So far they imported from South-Africa, China, Brazil, Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Chile, Indonesia, Thailand.
Because they do their own import you are buying directly from the source!
The last two years import was less, because of the worldwide problems and ridiculous high container prices.

Own production:

Luckily Tropical Centre started making their own production some 5-6 years ago because of various reasons.
They do have the space and transport of big plants is getting more and more expensive.
Because of this they are very independent of the current problems in the world.


Tropical Centre had two beautiful showgardens: a jungle and a desert garden.
Because this is a lot of work, and they are only a few people, they decided to concentrate on the production and selling of plants, so at the moment only the desert garden is being maintained..
A part of the jungle garden is still there, but you will need a machete to get through it.

Thank you for visiting this website, but you are also welcome to visit the greenhouse and select/pickup some plants yourself.