Collection: Aspidistra

Aspidistra elatior, the cast-iron-plant or bar-room plant, also known in Japanese as haran or baran is a leafy plant, originally from the Himalayas, is very strong and extremely suitable as a houseplant. This houseplant grows up to 70 cm high but can also be placed on the terrace. The elongated dark green leaves are quite thick and leathery, which means that this houseplant evaporates little water. These plants can withstand drought very well and would rather be too dry than too wet. This plant is also content with little light and someone without green fingers should really do their best to help this plant meet its end. In the case of too much water for a longer period of time, the plant will die. If you are going on holiday for a few weeks, give the plant some water beforehand. The plant stores water in its rhizomes and this reserve is used in times of drought. Never place this plant in the full bright afternoon sun, morning sun and evening sun are no problem, but the quarter plant prefers to be in the shade. The plant blooms with small special purple star-shaped flowers. Which, initially, emerge from egg-shaped balls just after emerging from the ground. The opened flowers remain directly on top of the ground. Furthermore, the Aspidistra grows quite slowly and repotting once every 3 years in the spring is sufficient. If you hibernate the plant in a cool place, it will hardly need any water, just a little once a month is sufficient. If it is at room temperature, simply give it water. Furthermore, the Aspidistra elatior can be given a small amount of food for leafy plants every 3 weeks during spring and summer. Overwinter frost-free if kept in a container. In open ground, the rhizomes can survive a moderate winter if sufficient mulch is applied above the roots. The quarter plant sprouts again from the roots in the spring. Winter hardiness zone 9a (-7ºC).