Collection: Yucca harrimaniae

Yucca harrimaniae is a fairly small and highly variable yucca which grows on high plateaus and mountains in the southwest of the USA and is native to northern Arizona, New Mexico, southern Utah and Colorado at elevations of 2200-2600 m.
It grows typically stemless, but short stems may occur, it forms only a rosette of leaves of 20-90 cm in diameter.
The yellow to blue-green leaves are highly variable in length and are 10-45 cm long with a brownish marginal stripe from which white filaments appear, varying in length.
The leaves are thin and rigid, but flexible.
The inflorescence bares greenish white flowers and is 40-100 cm long.
Yucca harrimaniae is one of the most cold hardy yucca's, down to -18°C and in dry climates even down to -29°C.

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