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Palm booster, 300 ml

Palm booster, 300 ml

Palm booster

Palm booster is a specialist product designed to encourage strong root growth that works especially well with palms.

Experiments have proven it produces a stronger, healthier, more robust and vigorous plant, better able to resist winter cold. It promotes root growth, after which the plant recovers more easily and can absorb nutrients better.

Whether used in a nursery or by private clients, in both casses it has produced outstanding results.

It has become something of a cult product amongst membership of the European Palm Society where many members find it is a must have product.

Ideal to use in combination with Palm focus for beautiful lush growth of your palm.

All imaginable necessary elements and traces are contained in this concentrated solution.

Bottle capacity 300 ml is good for 300 liters of irrigation water. Watering once every 2 weeks is sufficient and only from April to September during the growing season. With a bottle of palm booster you usually do 1 to 3 seasons.

When repotting palms or transplanting palms in the garden, it is recommended to take a double dose of Palm booster. After this, you can switch back to the normal dose of Palm booster every 2 weeks.

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