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Nolina nelsonii, 11 ltr. pot

Nolina nelsonii, 11 ltr. pot

Nolina nelsonii

This Nolina is often mistaken for a Yucca species because it has a bolder look than other Nolina species.
It stiff blue-green leaves which are edged with tiny teeth.
These are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but can inflict cuts, so be careful with gardening.
It grows at a moderate rate, developing a 1 to 3.5 m tall trunk, crowned by a 4 to 5' rosette of foliage.
Old leaves persist along the trunk and resulting in a naturally shaggy look.
Withholding irrigation in the fall and winter will harden off Blue Nolina, and prevent most frost damage.
This native of Mexico is hardy to -12°C.

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Min. temperature: -10 / -15°C

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