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Fatsia japonica, total 60 cm, 2 ltr. pot

Fatsia japonica, total 60 cm, 2 ltr. pot

Fatsia japonica or finger plant is a shrub with large, shiny and non-shedding leaves that can reach a height of 3 to 4 m.
Fatsia japonica or Japanese finger plant has very unusual leaves that fall beautifully over each other. The leaf is dark green and the vein in the leaf is light green.

This Fatsia japonica should not be missing in a Japanese garden. Can always be planted in a place where other plants do not get enough sun.
Does well in shade and partial shade and tolerates a wide variety of soils as well as coastal climates.

In the autumn (September/October) small white inflorescences appear that resemble the flowering of the Helix (Ivy).
It grows to a maximum size of 200 cm, in practice this evergreen shrub will grow to just over 100 cm in diameter.

The plant is very hardy and can be kept in a container or in the ground.
Winter hardiness zone 7b (-15/-17ºC).

In short, this plant cannot go wrong and looks very beautiful in a tropical garden thanks to its large glossy leaves.

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Min. temperature: -15 / -20°C


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