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Dietes grandiflora, 3 ltr.

Dietes grandiflora, 3 ltr.

Dietes grandiflora

Dietes grandiflora also known as African iris or large wild iris, is an evergreen perennial that can grow up to 90 cm in height. This amazing exotic flowering plant is native to the eastern coastal areas of the Southern Cape of South Africa. Dietes known “of two relatives” and refers to the relationship between the genus Moraea and Iris. Grandiflora means "large-flowered". The flowers are on a thin flower stem and protrude just above the leaf. Often after a period of drought when it has rained well, new flowers appear again in abundance. The Dietes is a very strong bloomer. The flowers are attractive and colored predominantly white with accents of yellow and violet. The plant blooms alternately from June to September. When the flower has finished flowering, a 4 to 5 cm long seed pod appears. The leaf can be up to 70/80 cm high and 2 cm wide, is dark green in color. The plant spreads slowly by means of rhizomes. Dietes like sunny or light shade. Furthermore, the African lily is drought tolerant. Very easy tub plant. If planted in the ground, cover well so that the rhizomes do not freeze, the plant will reappear in the spring. If the Dietes is kept as a container plant, then overwinter frost-free, the root ball should not freeze. The plant is therefore evergreen. Winter hardiness zone 8a (-12ºC).

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