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Canna tuerckheimii, plant 70-80 cm, 3 ltr. pot

Canna tuerckheimii, plant 70-80 cm, 3 ltr. pot

Canna tuerckheimii

Depending on the conditions, Canna tuerckheimii (syn.: C.altensteinii) can grow to a height of no less than 3.00 -3.50 m.
The thick fleshy stems have large banana-like leaves with an inflorescence consisting of orange-red flowers at the end.
The water and food requirements are high once they start growing.
New shoots are formed regularly and can bloom until frost.
After the first night frost, the plant's stems can be cut to the ground, after which the root system can be dug up to overwinter frost-free. Another option is to cover the tussock with a large layer of leaves, covered with a piece of plastic.

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