Collection: Yucca queretaroensis

In 2006 Tropical Centre was the first in the world to offer specimen size plants with heavy trunks of this sp. Before that time mostly seeds of this sp. reached Europe.Yucca queretaroensis is considered by many as perhaps the most beautiful Yucca there is. They are growing in the mountains and in deep gorges along small rivers on elevations up to 1000-1300 m. of the Mexican state of Queretaro. The plant can reach a height of 2-3,5 m and grows, in small colonies and preferably on steep hills. The leaves are square and of a bright green colour and are just about 2 mm in with (the narrowest leaves of all Yucca ssp.) and may get 50-60 cm long. They form an almost perfect rosette; a splendid, always moving green ‘ball'. Y.queretaroensis will tolerate low winter temperatures up to -12°C. We have only a limited stock of this plant available! and beware! Some company's who want to compete with us cannot deliver the real Y.queretaroensis and sell the green Yucca linearifolia as Yucca queretaroensis! It is hard to distinguish so let us give you some tips to check for the real thing. The easiest thing is to bend a leave around your finger: a leaf of Y. linearifolia is flat and bends easily. The leaf of Y.queretaroensis is square and cannot bend without forming cracks.

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