Collection: Yucca elata

Yucca elata is a large species and appears in many forms with single or multiple trunks. Y.elata can reach a height of 8m with a trunk diameter of 15-30 cm. Like most branched species Y. elata has short leaves that are approximately 30-50 cm long, but sometimes grow out up to 90 cm. The white line along the edge is composed of compressed fibres, which are most noticeable as a dense mass of filaments at the base of the leaves. The large open panicle grows high above the leaves. The plants have a large fleshy taproot, measuring 2-4 m, with exceptions up to 8 m and are therefore very difficult to transplant, but Tropical Centre has the know how and many years of experience in collecting and successfully transplanting them. Y.elata can be found at elevations of 300-1900 m, where it grows in dry, sandy plains, mesas and desert washes, as well as in desert grasslands of south western Texas, and through the southern regions of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

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