Collection: Yucca constricta

Yucca constricta is also called Buckley yucca and grows on 300-700 m on rocky limestone prairies or grassland areas in south central and west Texas and ranges into adjacent Mexico, forming small to large, open colonies.
It is a fine-textured ornamental yucca, having many very straight and long, pale blue-green to pastel blue leaves, 40-60 cm long and 7-15 mm wide.
At the end of each leaf is a short stout spine, and the leaves have long white curly threads along the margins. It can grow a trunk of maximum 30 cm high and the low growing clump can have up to 20 heads.
The inflorescence is about 150 cm high and the spectacular panicle, which contains large greenish-white blossoms is about 60-70 cm long.
As a small plant they are not easy to grow but worth the work, they are also cold resistant down to -15°C.

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