Collection: Trachycarpus princeps

Trachycarpus Princeps, also called the stone gate palm.

This palm grows along the Salween rivier or in Chinese "Nu Jiang" (Angry river) on heights of 1000 to 6800 m above sea level in a area that is known as the stone gate were it first was discovered. But in fact this palm not only grows on cliffs but has a bigger area and grows actually in the "Nu Jiang" area in several small populations. The stone gate is just a part of that area.

The T.princeps palm is covered with a thick pure white waxy substance, which easily differentiates it from other species. The upperside of the leaves has a special green color with a blue blush (when dry!).
The original T.princeps seeds are rare, and very hard to germinate!

This palm is frost hardy till -15°C and the most beautiful suited for outside.

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