A lot of plants are: what you see is what you buy! When there is a number behind the description,
you buy the plant in the picture!
So you know exactly what you get, no surprises!
Just take a look around….

Transport costs:
All our prices are calculated for shipping plants with pot. If you want cheaper shipping, we can also send without pot to reduce the costs. Send us a message for this.

Watch our movie Mexican Yuccas in their habitat! Take your time, it is over 1 hour long!

  • DVD made in Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Park in Kenya.

    DVD Samburu, Kenya

    DVD made in Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Park in Kenya.
    Spoken language is English, subtitles in German and Dutch. Length: 55 min.

    Click to see the trailer or buy the dvd 
  • Photobook made in Amboseli Park, Kenya

    Photobook Amboseli

    Photobook with beautiful pictures of the animals and birds from Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Plus some background info of the park. 133 Pages, hardcover.

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  • History and meaning of Balinese Woodcarvings

    Balinese mythology

    Book of the history and explanation of Balinese woodcarvings. Over 600 pictures of mythology statues, gods and figures and their stories.
    300 Pages, hardcover, 35x29 cm.

    Available via this link 
  • Balinese wood art

    Very detailed root carving from Banggal Buaya wood also known as crocodile wood. For more details and other statues click below.
    Size 120 x 94 x 102 cm.

    Available via this link