Collection: Yucca linearifolia

This Yucca originates from Mexico and grows a cluster of 3-5 smaller trunks around the central trunk, can grow up to 200-250 cm and are winter hardy till -18°C.

There are two forms of Y. linearifolia, a green and a blue form, also known as sp. Saltillo and sp. Galeana.

Green form: Yucca linearifolia sp. Saltillo
The green form is very compact with short narrow leaves up to 30-50 cm long and 3-7 mm width, forming a perfectly spherical head.
Its origin is a 150 km range in northeaster Mexico in the state of Coahuila with Saltillo in the centre.
This form is a slow grower and can withstand temperatures till -18°C.
Because of the very small leaves this form can easily be mixed up with Yucca queretaroensis, but the leaves from Y. linearifolia are triangular and can be bend, while the leaves from Y. queretaroensis are square and break if you try to bend.

Blue form: Yucca linearifolia sp. Galeana
The blue form has long flexible leaves up to 50-120 cm, forming a perfectly spherical head when mature.
In cultivation it can vary from small leaves, wide leaves, long leaves, shorter leaves, blue to steel blue colour.
Its origin is a 40 km range in the area Galeana and Rayones, Mexico.
This form is a fast grower and can withstand temperatures till -18°C.