Collection: Yucca schottii

Yucca schottii occurs in southeast Arizona, southwest New Mexico and northern Mexico, were it grows on elevations of 1200-2150 m.
It occurs in sun or shade in open gras or mountain forest with oak and pine trees.
Young plants of Yucca schottii have a single, unbranched trunk 20-30 cm wide and about 2-5 m tall, while older plants may have a few simple branches, or more than one trunk from the base.
The plant forms a single head, with blue-grey or gray-green rigid, straight leaves, but can sometimes be slightly curved.
The leaves are 50-100 cm long and 2.5-6 cm wide, and end in a light brown terminal spine.
The inflorescence is 40-90 cm long end held partially above the leaves, with white flowers of 2.5-5 cm long.
It is very cold hardy down to -18°C in wetter climates and -23°C in drier climates.

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