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Bare rooted means that the plants, like succulents, have no roots after been digged out. This is possible because they can store their fought for at least half a year in their trunk, just like a cactus.
When potted, the yucca's will reroot from their trunk, by some species this can be very quickly, by others it will take longer.

We will give you some tips (see below) but we do not give any guarantee on this rerooting. But with a correct method it will work out fine:

  1. First you will need a good draining soil, for example 50% pearlite or vermiculite.
  2. The soil should not be completely dry, but also not completely wet, just moist. A good mixture will take care of this.
  3. In springtime you can pot the yucca directly in the soil outside, but we advise to pot the yuccca for the first year, so that you can take it in inside the first winter to keep it dry.
  4. The biggest mistake which we read a lot in forums, is to take the plant out of the pot every week to see if it already made roots! This only damages the plant. Just leave it in the pot, and you will see the new roots coming out of the pot below after some time. Also you can see it in the crown, if this grows the plant has made roots.
  5. Yucca roots are very sensitive and break off very fast when taken out of the pot/soil.
    To avoid this, you can plant the yucca with pot. Just take out the bottom of the pot or make some big holes in it, and dig it in.
    If you prefer to plant without the pot and you want to take the yucca out of the soil: keep the soil very dry. That way it is not so heavy and the roots will not break of so easily. 

Guide line yucca species rooting progress:

Yucca filifera -8°C
Yucca thompsoniana -20°C
Yucca rostrata green -18°C
Yucca faxoniana -20°C
Yucca treculeana -18°C
Yucca queretaroensis -12°C

Yucca rostrata blue -18°C
Yucca rigida -12°C
Yucca carnerosana -12°C
Yucca linearifolia -20°C
Yucca torreyi -18°C

Yucca elata -20°C
Yucca brevifolia -12°C

Above info is mainly for the Yucca species, but the same works also for the other offered species.

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