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Yucca treculeana, stem/plant/total 55/95/110 cm (29R01)

Yucca treculeana, stem/plant/total 55/95/110 cm (29R01)

Yucca treculeana

Imported in 2021, flowered in 2022, already new head.
Pick up preferrerd.
When send in a package leaves may break, also it will  be send without pot.

Yucca treculeana is found in several northern states of Mexico and further limited to southern Texas all the way to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It grows usually with a single trunk, but branches out sometimes.
It can reach a height of 2-7m.
The leaves are dark green to blue and in natural habitat an average of 80-100cm long and 5cm wide, but in cultivation they can reach lengths of 120-140cm.
For most people it is difficult to distinguish similar species, such as Y.torreyi, Y. schidigera and Y. faxoniana, but Y. treculeana is separated by its lack of abundant marginal leaf filaments.
When trimmed the trunk has a dark reddish brown colour and deep irregular furrows.
It is a good candidate for cold climates (-15°C), as to our experience over the years it recovers very often even when the head is frozen, or rotted away.

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Min. temperature: -15 / -20°C

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