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Ensete ventricosum maurelli, plant height 80-100 cm

Ensete ventricosum maurelli, plant height 80-100 cm

The Ensete ventricosum Maurelli is a special banana plant with particularly beautifully colored leaves.
This banana variety does not grow very large, in our climate more than 2 meters in a tub. The Ensete Ventricosum Maurelli requires a lot of water and fertilization during the summer months from April to September, which certainly benefits its growth.

The leaves of this banana are truly fantastic, beautiful straight upright leaves. The top of the leaf is green to dark purple, the underside dark red to bright red. The stem becomes quite thick, much thicker than other banana varieties. The circumference of the trunk can grow to 2 meters. After 3 years, this banana plant can start blooming with a burgundy red flower.

 This banana is a real asset to the terrace and the Ensete ventricosum Maurelli can also be kept in a large container. Provide plenty of water in the summer and a dose of fertilizer every two weeks from April to August. Overwinter the tub at a temperature of +6ºC or higher, and water sparingly (keep the root ball away from dry water in winter).

Winter hardiness +5ºC.

Because of the sensitivity of the leaves, most companies cut them before sending.
We send with leaves, but can not guarantee they arrive without damage.
In the case of damage you can always cut them off yourself.
Ofcourse pick up is recommended!

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