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Dasylirion quadrangulatum, P11 pot

Dasylirion quadrangulatum, P11 pot

Dasylirion quadrangulatum

Also called mexican grass tree, a perfect accent plant which also makes a great container plant.

Winterhardy -11°C, extremely drought-tolerant once established.
Dasylirion quadrangulatum, the lookalike of the Dasylirion longissimum although there are small differences:

Both originate from Mexico, D. longissimum comes from about 200 miles farther south, in the states of Hidalgo and Queretaro, while D. quadrangulatum has a more northerly occurrence in Tamaulipas, southern Nuevo Leon and northern San Luis Potosi.

D. longissimum flowers later in the year, generally after the summer solstice, while D. quadrangulatum flowers in spring. When the two species come into flower, they can be distinguished by the form of the flower spike: in D. longissimum, the flowering section of the stalk is spindle-shaped (wider at the middle and narrowing toward either end), while in D. quadrangulatum it is more compact and shaped like a taper candle (widest at the bottom and narrowing as it goes upward).

Despite these floral differences, the two species look vegetatively alike, and this is no doubt the reason they are sometimes listed as synonyms. In gardens, D. longissimum is more frequently encountered.

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